Base running


Ball hit to the infield
·        Base runner should run through first base making sure the foot hits the front / top of the base.
·        After touch the base, the base runner should take short choppy steps to slow down. 
  • Look for overthrows to first by looking to the right AFTER they touch the base and while they are breaking down into short choppy steps
Ball hit to the outfield – Banana Turn:
·        Approaching first base, base runners should veer out in the shape of a banana and touch the inside part of first base, preferably with the left foot.   
·        By veering out initially and hitting first base with the inside foot, the player is position to run a direct line to second
The question mark turn
·        Used on an infield ground ball hit through to the outfield
  • Teach runners to run straight to first then, slightly before half way, veer out in the shape of a question mark to get a direct line toward second base after touching the inside part of the bag. 
  • As a general rule, when rounding bases to advance to the next base, the runner should veer out a little and touch the inside part of the base with either foot –  ideally the left foot. Please note, a proper helmet must be worn when at bat and while base running
Position on a base
·        In Little League, there is no leading off the base. 
·        The correct stance at first base is to place the left foot on the ground with the outer edge of the foot touching the base. This can be used for softball and baseball. 
·        The base runner should be watching the ball. 
·        Upon contact on a ground ball, base hit or fly ball with two outs, the left foot, or crossover foot, moves toward the approaching base.